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Hi, I'm Faye!  I'm a teacher, mom, collage artist, and lifelong resident of Austin, Texas.  Here are some of my favorite things: my ridiculous miniature dachshund Minnie, crafts, bourbon, karaoke, binging TV (while doing crafts), Christmas kitsch, Dolly Parton, hunting for vintage, and striving for a more just, equitable, and compassionate world.  I have a LOT of celebrity crushes for an adult.  While I'm fluent in almost all of the crafts, in recent times, my obsession with gluing things onto other things and hoarding tinsel has sort of taken over my life. I love nothing more than cutting into some vintage trim or plastic greenery that's been sitting in a granny's attic for decades and making it into something that celebrates modern pop culture!  On my tombstone it will say, "She kept the glue gun hot, and she never skimped on the glitter."





A-List Ornaments is committed to reuse!  Our decorations are made with vintage, reused, thrifted, and new materials and typically shipped with reused packaging materials.  






Years ago, inspired by a Christmas card featuring a portrait of the Obamas that my in-laws had on their fridge, I decided that I needed a Christmas ornament that would make me feel like the Obamas were my family's own personal friends who'd handmade it and given it to us.  (Yes, I know this is ridiculous).  I whipped one up using an empty ribbon spool and some old bits of Christmas trim, and I loved it so much that I had to make more.  So I started thinking of all of my friends' favorite celebs- choosing from their "A-Lists," and making unique Christmas ornament gifts for them.  


I opened A-List Ornaments on Etsy in 2018.  Since then, I've shipped over 900 orders, made and sold well past a thousand ornaments (?!?), garnered 100% five star feedback, and made so many friends along the way.  This venture miraculously combines my love of vintage kitsch, reuse, collage, glitter, tinsel, collage, hot glue, and Christmas, with my fangirl passions.  I'm honored to get to send folks all over the country (and even across the ocean!) special ornaments that make them feel loved and understood!  It blows my mind that what I make in my home ends up in the homes of strangers in Australia and Alaska.  


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